Innovative and result-oriented IT enthusiast with technology back ground and end-to-end development experience with MS Technologies. Lead large scale programs using Agile and Traditional methodologies.

Keen interest in delivering customized workshops that include User Story, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Design Thinking, Release Planning and Portfolio workshops. I work with leadership and teams to guide them through transformation.

My practices include training and coaching in varied Agile methods including Scrum and Kanban and Scaling frameworks such as SAFe and LeSS.

I have played multiple roles of Scrum Master, Coach, Project Manager and a Technologist. This has given me the ability to understand team dynamics and work with almost any team to navigate transformational challenges.

Domain expertise is in the areas of Gaming Industry, Medical products, Integrated Control Systems, Security products, SP3D modeling, Workflow automation systems and Neural networks.  I have experience with different technologies and tools that include C, C++, VC++, VB.net, C#, MFC, COM, UML, ODBC, SQL, Install Shield ,Version One etc and clear understanding of Six Sigma DMAIC and DFSS methodologies.

My Consulting Niche:
– Leading transformation Pilots and thus preparing a smooth path for the transformational change.
– Organizational assessments to assess the current state of the agility and transformation.
– Transformation road map basis a given organization’s structure and existing culture.
– Set up organizational portfolios and making work visible to set alignment across the organizations starting from the Portfolio to the teams.
– Large-scale and distributed retrospectives using innovative games.

My Beliefs:
– Proponent of visualization, firm believer of the saying “A picture is worth thousand words”.
– Passionate about building teams that are focused on outcome instead of output.
– A firm believer of inclusiveness and transparency that helps teams see through the overall objective and participate in it too.
I believe I can learn and share more through people I meet.

-So do connect with me if you would like to discuss technology and agile transformation.


CSM, CSP, CSPO, CTC, CAL1, CCI, ICP-AC, DAD, SPC 4.0, PMP, ACP, KMP-1, KMP-2, Design Thinking,  Gamification, Management 3.0.

-Speaker, Reviewer & Volunteer in Regional and Global Agile conferences.

LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/madhavi-ledalla-6454237/

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