If you are a person who feels that your life isn’t going as per the plan, and you are stuck and not being able to decide the next steps, then this may be a good breather for you-

  • Stop and Reflect how  your journey has been so far wrt to your original plan
  • Pause and reflect if your original plan still holds good given the change in the environmental and professional context
  • Take a break and reaffirm your goals, if required crap the old plan and come up with a new plan, be agile!
  • Remember time spent so far, though nothing has been realized is never a waste.  I am sure you will have many learnings from that stale period though nothing tangible has been achieved. Reflect on your learnings.
  • Think about the risks- what was in your control and what wasn’t, why you were not able to work on your initial plan!
  • Take a break and relax for a while, to start fresh!

If you have difficulty in coming up with a new goal or making your goals more relevant to what you do or what you want to do going forward, try this

  • Follow the flow at your work or home and see how things unfold for you.
  • The natural flow of work might give you some leads into what may work for you better given the context you are in.

You may face such challenges of not being able to decide what to do especially when you are in a “mid-career” transition period.

Sometimes you may not be sure of what you want to do, and that is alright, you may want to experiment with few things and inspect and adapt based on what you think works for you! You may not be able to visualize a clear path right in the beginning of the new journey that you want to start with, I am sure this is a natural milestone that everyone goes through at some point of time in their career.

Few tips!

  • While setting goals, ensure you are working on skills that help you work on your goals.
  • If you have goals that are orthogonal to your primary skill set, ensure you have some time allocated to learn the new skills since it requires a focused effort else you may again end up in the same soup!
  • Also get used to getting uncomfortable and come out of your comfort zones, this attitude will be a big leap for you to work on your goals!
  • Challenge yourself with new stuff that you have not tried so far!
  • May be think about your passion that you want to peruse, then your plan to achieve it may automatically fall in place!
  • Never say NO when something is being given to that you haven’t worked on before, accept the challenge- believe me it opens new avenues for learning!
  • Be consistent in your efforts, spend atleast some time every day thinking about your goals if not working on them.

Let me know if you have any other tips 🙂