If you are looking for a framework for visually collaborating on the Scrum Master stance to help team brainstorm the value add of a Scrum Master and what it takes to emerge as Self-Serving teams, then here you go-

Self-Serving team.png

This framework is built on the “Start Your Day” and “Put the Ball in the Basket” collaboration games!

“Start your day game” is used to describe how your customer uses your product on a time line view that could be daily, weekly or monthly. Since the context of this blog post is to visualize how a Scrum Master helps the team, I chose the “Start your day” framework to visualize how your Scrum Master works with the team from timeline perspective.

The original Basketball game is used to visualize the current state of the team in terms of how they are working great as individual functions  and what it takes for them to transition to a cross-functional team working as one unit. Since the context of the blog/problem to be discussed is how a team guided by Scrum Master(current state) can transition to a Self-Serving team(future state) s, this framework has been chosen.


Large white board or a large piece of poster paper. Three colors of sticky notes and markers.


Draw the above picture . The first scenario depicts team members working with Scrum Master as their Servant leader. Ask the team to list down the instances that a Scrum Master helped them. While doing so use the “Start your day” to depict how Scrum Master works with the team during the various time frames that include start of the sprint, mid-sprint, end of the sprint. This becomes the“current state” visualization of the team journey with Scrum Master in it.

Now ask the team to note down the points that can potentially lead towards the second scenario of the picture.  Ask the team to visualize and discuss how they would like to function as a team and what is their game plan of self-managing the work without a Scrum Master. Again use the “Start your day” pattern for visualization. This might bring in a lot of discussions and throw some light on the importance and breadth of the role! Ask your team to brainstorm all the bottlenecks and think of things to do so that they can move from left to right i.e from Scrum Master guided team to a Self-Serving team.

What has been your experience while working with Scrum Masters? Have you ever seen a team working without Scrum Master? Do share it!