If you are keen to know how a set of innovation games can be used to tackle any  problem then this post may be of interest to you-


IG Games

A combination of a set of collaboration frameworks can be used to solve any problem. Here is an example of how Speed boat, Prune the product tree and Buy a feature can be used.

Try this three step process to empathize and address your customer needs!

  1. Step1:-
  • What is the problem that you would like to solve?
  • Who is your customer?
  • What is the problem statement?

Get deeper insight into the pain areas:-  Explain the problem statement and think of what could be the pain points of the customer, think about the Un-met needs, customer wishes and pain points.


Outcome:- Un-met needs, customer wishes and pain points.

2. Step 2:- Address the customer’s unmet needs

Prune the product tree is one of the ways to address the customers unmet needs.

Use Prune the Product Tree to come up with features and epics that need to be built. The features and new ideas can be represented by using Apples. The tree can be used to show features that need to be built in near feature versus that can wait for a later time.

  • Shape the product tree to address the unmet needs of your customers.
  •  Now that we have captured the pain and pleasure areas in step 1, let us use Prune the Product Tree game to capture features/epics that can be built to tackle their pain areas


Build a Product Tree with categories as listed below:

  • Yellow apples- Near features that have to be build sooner.
  • Red apples- Features that can wait for a later time.
  • Bananas – Infrastructure items


  • Features for near-term versus  long term
  • High level roadmap.

3. Step 3:- Prioritization


  • Once the  roadmap has been articulated using Prune the Product Tree game, pick the near-term features to prioritize them based on the cost and budget factor to do the next level of priority.
  • Design the Buy a feature game with potential list of features from Prune the Product Tree and associate a cost factor with each feature.  Price can be based on development cost, customer value etc. Make sure you price the features high enough that no single customer can buy these, this helps them have conversations and negotiations, leads them to pool money and buy really important features.

Outcome: Prioritized feature list

Reference :  Innovation Games-Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play