Are you wondering how can we use team data and trends to focus on business goals?  Then here is a good read for you that talks about the basic stuff that teams can start doing so that everyone is aligned to a common vision and is able to inspect and adapt through some basic metrics.

I am sure many of the teams have come across this situation in your reflection cycles-

Retro Pic1

How how do you think we can bridge this gap so that teams and management can get meaningful insights on the team heath?

Coming up with proper vision, as to why do we want to kick-off a particular initiative and identifying the goals for meeting those strategies is vital for any successful initiative. Now the story does not stop here, how can we objectively collect data and measure the success of the initiate?

Try this simple 4 step strategy and see if it works-

  1. Define the team goal for the current cadence or sprint
  2. Align the team to the strategy
  3. Choose the right set of metrics to measure the outcomes
  4. Make the outcomes visible using visual radiators

Here is an example-

Retro 2

The focus areas that any organization/team would commonly focus on for measuring the outcome of any initiative are – Speed, Amount, Quality, Customer Satisfaction Index, Revenue generated.