After having completed multiple sprints and having a routine of retrospective ceremonies, we often hear teams say they are doing well and there’s nothing to retrospect. They hardly can think of any further improvements. This is the time to ask that if they are good, what would make them great?


Introduce to them the metaphor of high performance team by Lyssa Adkins, and encourage the team to ask themselves if they really are high-performing. If not what could be the areas that need to be worked upon to reach high-performance stage.


  1. Ask the teams how they feel about their sprints? what is going good?
    2. Generate discussion on few topics like zero-defects, automa-tion, zero-build errors, no memory leaks, escaped defects count, daily builds, daily check-ins etc.
    3. What are the other areas the team feels they can work on to become a high performance team, what it takes the team to go to the next level.
    This method may help teams to think back and evaluate whether they are really great, is there any scope of improvement, what do they need to work on to become a high performing team.