A very important thing to keep in mind is the follow-up on action items that the team identifies in the retrospective. Having some sort of visual indicator of the action items, along with the people responsible for them, always helps the team stay focused. Generally we tend to forget the action items that are derived from the retrospective. So before starting the retrospective, it’s important to revisit the previous retrospective’s action items and see how many of them are still pending.

Tracking the retrospective action items can be done in different ways. We can use some electronic tool or a visual indicator, as in the example here:


Retro radiator classifications:

  • Sprint: In which sprint were the action items identified
  • To Do: Action items yet to be worked on
  • In Progress: Action items being worked on
  • Done: Completed action items
  • Waiting: Action items that are waiting on something else to support their getting done

On each card, we can write the name of the owner responsible for the execution of that item.