When operating on a Kanban mode, you would like the team to check if there is any bottleneck in any particular stage that is slowing down the entire process. Kanban situation is like that of individual subject scores that a student acquires, and their impact on the overall grade to be promoted to the next class. If you are doing well at Maths, but not at science, the marks secured in Science would have an impact your total grade. Similarly, while working in Kanban, if there is any bottleneck in any of the stages, it needs to be cleared out to ensure a smooth flow of the artifacts. The end quality and how fast we are able to deliver depend upon it.

Name and Description- Where’s the Bottleneck?



Large white board or a large piece of poster paper. Three colors of sticky notes and markers


On a whiteboard, draw the table as shown above. Ask the team members to think of the Hell and Heaven moments in each stage and put them down on sticky notes and stick to the relevant columns on the table. Encourage the teams to think and figure out what the bottlenecks in the individual Kanban stages were. If you see a cluster of sticky notes on a particular hell column, it would indicate a bottleneck that needs to be discussed and debated.