You would like the team to retrospect on how the sprint was with respect to people, process and tools and look for areas of improvements. For example, there could be many factors in the sprint that fall under these three buckets and you would like the team to think what is going good and what the improvement areas in these three buckets are. These buckets are actually vital factors in any organization that is on the path of transformation.

Name and Description- People-Process-Tools-Tech



Large white board or a large piece of poster paper. Three colors of sticky notes and markers


Draw the table as shown above and let team members put their thoughts in each area for each of the buckets; pick one bucket at a time. Every participant answers the questions in terms of:
 How the past iteration was with respect to people/process/tools & technology?
 What are the Plus, Minus and Delta areas for improvements?
Finally, discuss how to improve upon the delta areas.