This retrospective space highlights the importance of one of the key ceremonies of the sprint “The Retrospective” and then goes through some of the common challenges teams face while doing the retrospectives and puts forth few thoughts on how to make these meetings thought-provoking ones!

The book “Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great by Esther Derby “ describes the entire retrospective course and has some very good tools and guidelines that would help us uncover few problems with the teams w.r.t technology, methodology, and people issues.

This space suggests few collaboration frameworks for doing the retrospectives which are specific to certain scenarios/situations of the teams. These techniques are useful in the “Gather Data” step of the retrospective course mentioned in Esther Derby book. All the methods mentioned here may not work for everyone; much depends on team composition and on the environment. However, in my experience I could see some visible improvements in productivity, quality, one-to-one coordination, collaboration, and so on after using some of these methods. The techniques mentioned here are based on situations that were encountered while working with the teams on ground, which could be used in the gathering data step of the retrospective course.

I would be glad to hear from readers who have tried anything different that has worked out for your teams in the retrospectives. Also I look forward for feedback and suggestions from readers when you use any of the tools from this kit in terms of how it worked for your teams.