“A picture is worth thousand words” —  this proverb triggered me to come up with a simple pictorial view to depict the Scrum framework in a funny yet meaningful way that is easy to understand and relate to.

The metaphor used in this picture is a simple toy store, “The Scrum Store,” that uses Agile to work on its backlog.

pictionary-2.jpg  The product owner is the dollar guy, pulling only valuable items from  pictionary-3.jpg  the stakeholders’ wish list. He puts them in the  pictionary-4.jpg  prioritized product backlog, which is emergent in nature. The team  pictionary-5.jpg  and the PO do sprint planning  pictionary-6.jpg  and pull only items of the highest priority to come up with a sprint backlog  pictionary-7.jpg   that is fixed for a sprint — and they start working on them. At the end of the sprint, the team demoes the completed items  pictionary-8.jpg   to the stakeholders during the sprint review for feedback. Any work not completed  pictionary-9.jpg  will go back to the product backlog. Then the team enters into an activity called a retrospective,  pictionary-10.jpg  where the team inspects and adapts their sprint. Then they proceed with the next sprint. The team, along with PO, do another activity called product backlog grooming,  pictionary-11.jpg where they groom stories for upcoming sprints. This is typically done in the middle of the sprint. Lastly, the most key person, the ScrumMaster,   pictionary-12.jpg   integrates the whole.

Originally Posted by Madhavi Ledalla @ Scrum Alliance on 15 September 2014